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Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne

Where To Book Service Jeep Tour Mui Ne To See Red Sand Dunes And White Sand Dune? specializes in providing service Jeep tour mui ne with cheap price – prestige – quality. And 24/7 customer support with a team of professional sand dune tour services – Sightseeing includes 5 points in Mui Ne.

Have you heard about the white sand dunes in Mui Ne? This is a place you should not miss when coming to Mui Ne Phan Thiet. This is an extremely popular tourist destination with many beautiful sand dunes. This place is called the sub-Saharan desert of Vietnam, so don’t forget to call us to book the Jeep tour mui ne to White Sand Dunes with only 120,000/pax, we promise to bring you the best experience. to explore Mui Ne at an extremely cheap cost.

A tourist destination in Mui Ne, you will encounter airy and classic colorful jeeps running on the road to take tourists to visit famous places here. And this is an interesting form of tourism that you cannot ignore if you have come to this land. Let’s enjoy the Mui Ne tour through all these 5 famous places with our Jeep service!

Using the service with us, you will have a colorful trip and freely explore the famous tourist destinations in this tourist land. You will enjoy the sunny and windy air of Mui Ne with these airy, classic but equally exciting jeeps. You will be able to explore white sand dunes, golden sand dunes, Tien stream, fishing villages, virtual living roads and be photographed on jeeps for free.

In particular, you will explore the desert with hot sand, overcome the sand dunes on an off-road vehicle with a powerful engine. Check-in and take pictures in virtual life with very beautiful and new shots at this place.

We always provide a tour schedule with Mui Ne jeep in accordance with the time requirements and interests of each individual or group. So, you can choose for yourself different time frames and locations without having to follow a fixed arrangement, here we not only take you to visit and explore Mui Ne but also help you better understand the characteristics and customs of the people and the land here

You will discover the pristine Mui Ne with long sandy beaches, the sun, the wind, of this coastal land. Especially, we promise to bring you the best experiences in your travel

Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne



Jeep Tour Mui Ne
Jeep Tour Mui Ne

Itinerary of Jeep Tour Mui Ne to White Sand Dunes & Red Sand Dunes :

Sunrise Tour : departure 04:30 pick up at hotel Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Sunset Tour: departure 13:30 pick up at hotel Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

And besides, if you can’t go according to the above schedule, please book the time according to your request with a private Jeep costing 550,000/2 pax.

How Many Places To See For Jeep Tour Mui Ne?

  1. White sand dune
  2. Red Sand Dune
  3. Fishing Village
  4. Fairy Stream
  5. Dragon Fruit farm
  6. Hon Rom Beach Road
  7. Electric Fan Road

Price List For Jeep Tour Mui Ne From Us :

Tour type No of Pax Price
Private tour 2 500.000 vnd/ Jeep/ per tour not per pax
Private tour 4 – 6 550.000 vnd/ Jeep/ per tour not per pax
Group tour 1 pax 150.000/ per pax

The price above not including sandboard or ATV at the White sand

Attention partners and customers:

The above prices do not apply on holidays – Tet – and there will be slight fluctuations from time to time, please contact us online via Zalo – Viber – Whatsapp for advice on the most accurate quote.

How to book Service Jeep Tour Mui Ne From us?

Our customers only need to send their request through the application (Zalo – Viber – Whatsap – Messenger), after receiving your message, we will confirm the service you have booked with us.

Why Customer Should Book Jeep Tour Mui Ne from us?

We are a young dynamic team with more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry

Most of us are locals here, we always bring cheap professional service value to our customers.

We support our customers online 24/7 when they need it

Our customers only pay after using our services.

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