Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour From Mui Ne

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Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

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Have you heard of Ke Ga Lighthouse? A great tourist destination and should be discovered in Binh Thuan. Let's enjoy this Ke Ga Lighthouse tour to experience and discover this wonderful place!

Ke Ga Lighthouse is located in Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, if you move from Mui Ne it will take about half an hour to reach Phan Thiet, if from Phan Thiet you go about 1 hour to get to Ke Ga Lighthouse. The road to here will be extremely interesting when you drive through the road with one side of the mountain, the other side is the sea with a series of high-class resorts, the road is quite long but the scenery is extremely beautiful.

Ke Ga Lighthouse is not located on the mainland but on a small island close to the coast. If you go there, you have to go to a nearby restaurant to park your car and ask someone there to rent a boat for you. At the coast, the Ke Ga Lighthouse seems very close, but sailing to the Lighthouse is not easy, the sea here has many cliffs, so it will take a professional and knowledgeable boatman. the terrain to guide you.

When you sit on the boat, it will be an indescribable joy, touching the sea while the boat starts to go, but you can rest assured because every passenger on the boat is equipped with life jackets.

Once the boat arrives at the island, you will see a beautiful landscape, the large rocks lying undulating outside look like a wall protecting the island from the waves. I was lucky enough to be here at a beautiful time, the sky was so clear blue that the scenery was beautiful although a bit hot. But be careful when walking on the rocks on the island, the rocks here are quite slippery and it is easy to slip. It doesn't have a specific path on the island so you have to step over the rocks, walk towards the lawn and proceed towards the lighthouse.

Free to visit the island, but to go inside and climb the lighthouse you need to pay 10,000 VND / ticket. Here the lighthouse was built in 1890, it still stands tall, showing no signs of age. Each stair to the lighthouse is a spiral staircase, climbing to the top you will see an extremely spectacular view. Where you can zoom in 360 degrees and take in the panoramic view of its majestic scenery, and enjoy the strong wind blowing your hair.

Your trip to Ke Ga Lighthouse will be more enjoyable, enjoy new feelings and save money if you choose the tour ''Discover Ke Ga Lighthouse'' offered by me and book a tour with us now!

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Ke Ga Lighthouse Tour

Tour program to visit Ke Ga Lighthouse Fron Us :

- Ke Ga Lighthouse

- Dragon Garden

- Whale Temple

- Poshanu Cham Tower

Price List For Tour Ke Ga Lighthouse From Us :

Tour Type No of Pax Price
Private Car 4 Seats 2 - 3 1.000.000 vnd
Private Car 7 Seats 4 - 5 1.200.000 vnd
Private Car 6 Seats 12 -14 1.400.000 vnd


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