The Best Places In Mui Ne

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The Best Places In Mui Ne

After you have arrived in Mui Ne and want to take pictures of famous tourist attractions in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet. We would like to provide information about tourist attractions in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet as follows:

Ong Dia Rock Beach Mui Ne

The Best Places In Mui Ne

This is also quite a beautiful spot for tourists to take pictures, have fun, eat, and have restaurants that are gradually forming. Guests can enjoy the cool fresh air here. Or sit and sip a cup of coffee watching the white sand and the silvery blue ocean of the sea

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

The Best Places In Mui Ne

When coming to Mui Ne, Fairy Stream is also one of the attractions that can be said to be impressed by its almost unique natural beauty. Visitors can experience it by walking deep into the stream, looking at the sandy mountains with many colors, and promising to have extremely cute photos when visiting this place.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

The Best Places In Mui Ne

About Mui Ne Fishing Village, if you visit this place around 6:00 or 7:00 am, you will see the bustling scene of boats docking, people selling and transporting seafood, sorting seafood, and distributing in different regions. You can also buy seafood here. But really not recommended because the price is not fixed and sometimes underweight, this problem has been reported by previous tourists. If you have the opportunity, you can rent a motorbike in the afternoon, you can come here to check-in and take pictures of the beautiful sunset in the fishing village.

Red Sand Dunes

The Best Places In Mui Ne

Yellow Sand Dunes, also known as Red Sand Dunes, Bay Sand Dunes is located in Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. This place is an extremely beautiful landscape that has captivated many famous poets, painters, and photographers. This is a place not to be missed when coming to Mui Ne. Golden Sand Dunes is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Mui Ne.

The sand dunes stretch from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan, but the most beautiful area is located in Mui Ne. And this is considered a unique sandhill in Vietnam, created from an ancient iron mine that existed for hundreds of years. The sand is iridescent and carpeted like a deserted desert and is changed in shape thanks to rain and wind erosion over time and the erosion of tectonic sand with countless interesting shapes. Looks close but turns far away, the sand dunes seem to be walking for a while but are actually endless.

White Sand Dunes

The Best Places In Mui Ne

White Sand Dunes is located in the population of Mui Ne flying sand dunes, but many people call it white sand dunes because the sand here is white. golden sand and it is also commonly known as the sand dunes of Mui Ne.

White Sand Dunes is located about 62km from Phan Thiet tourist city to the northeast and about 30km from Mui Ne tourist center, in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan

Almost everyone who comes to Phan Thiet also wishes to once set foot on the white sandhill. The sandhills are small, but enough to create a highlight for Phan Thiet Mui Ne tourism today, the white sandhill is especially interesting in the windy season, because the moving sand creates a beautiful shape, so there called flying sand dunes. Next to the white sand dunes is Bau Sen, a cool oasis among the hot sand dunes. Bau Sen is not only a place to provide freshwater, this lake is also a beautiful landscape in the area. In summer, around the lake, lotus flowers bloom brilliantly, adding to the beauty of this desert area.

One of the most attractive services here is renting off-road motorbikes to conquer the sand dunes. A tourist sport that you cannot ignore when coming to White Sand Dunes

The feeling of surfing on the sand, conquering from hilltop to hilltop makes many people happy. Many off-road racers have been organized by tourists as small competitions for the whole group when coming here

But the best feeling is still being alone in a car, wandering around the sands to admire the scenery and take photos

Sometimes you will find yourself becoming more playful with the attraction of these wonderful curves

There are times when you suddenly feel small and empty before the immensity and greatness of nature

Although it is a beautiful landscape and attracts tourists, there are no motels, hotels, or resorts around this area. The reason is probably that this destination is quite far from the coast (about 15km to the Hong island area).

However, Bau Trang is still an indispensable destination for tourists and especially photography lovers

One of the special things about Bau Trang is not only 2 freshwater lakes but also some small puddles among white sand dunes.

Here you can see the thriving flora, including fish, insects, birds, water grass, guns…

In particular, you can come across some very characteristic plants like this carnivorous plant living in the sand (Red tree).

On the Bau Ong side, there are not many tourists visiting. This became the fish pond of the people. Although there are enough lakes, trees, and sand dunes, this area is not really convenient for tourists to visit. Another reason is that a business has also zoned and intends to turn this into a destination, so guests cannot freely go in and out.

Two boys fishing for dinner in Bau Ong. The fish here are mainly tilapia and snakehead, 2 species that are easy to live and adapt to many aquatic environments

If you come to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet, I recommend you to come here and explore these white sand dunes that are not found everywhere. You will find your trip much more meaningful.

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